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please see our new MYSPACE sites: BODYLORD + BRUCKMAYR

mosz will release the dvd on feb. 03!!!

check out fadis web shop for rare last copies of "video arena" available there. check the wipeout site for info about all the web- and download stores wipeout is listed! itunes etc ......we already sell tracks there, yesyesyes!

fuckhead "male comedy" still also available at warpmart

FUCKHEAD at SERRALVES/Porto, 25.11.06
FUCKHEAD at STWST/Linz, 01.12.06
FUCKHEAD at Wasted/ClubTransmediale/MARIA/Berlin, 27.01.07
FUCKHEAD at WUK/Vienna, 03.02.07

WIPEOUT at Rhiz/Vienna, 05.12.06

BRUCKMAYR "A little warning from the pimps" Angelika Kˆhlermann/Universal/Broken Silence out on 28.10.06: release party at Kunsthalle Wien/Vienna +

BRUCKMAYR at Rhiz/Vienna, 12.12.06
BRUCKMAYR at STWST/Linz, 19.01.07

Fadi + Didi + Sigi +Max perform the multimedia piece NAZCA in Salvador de Bahia and at the Museum of Modern Art/Rio de Janeiro/Brasil, 24.03.07

FUCKHEAD with the HUGO WOLF QUARTETT definitely in autumn 2007!

we have already started to work on our new project INTEGRAL: sentimental futuristic hymns for lonely astronauts, vector lovers and spaceship customizers. performed by the one and only singing mountain aka siegi! will be out as 12" on a very obscure industrial label.

there is still plenty of festival screenings of the videos "ich bin traurig!", "sinus_passage" and "collider". so check the festival programs or ask for a dvd copy. next collider  screening in SEOUL and UTRECHT