pics. by Wolfgang Dorninger (1), videostills (Wolfsteiner, Langmann, 2,3,5), Peter Bittermann (4), videostill (Trummer, 6)

Wipeout - hot industrialized techno with vocals: "like Amanda Lear on testosteron" (Paul Poet - Skug)

Austria ́s top boys of electronic music in best condition and on international stages again. A groovy and aggressive hybrid of disco, industrial and techno. Shows can last 90 minutes and more. Sweat might come down from the walls like water, ladies undress and boys dance into coma. Beware!

The guys behind:

Didi Bruckmayr and Didi Kern (of Fuckhead fame) on vocals and electronic drums, industrial veteran Fadi Dorninger aka DORN on electronics & soundmachines and Alex Jöchtl the Audiobomber on the mixing desk.


techno, vocals, industrial, Austria, performance, disco, party, political, hot-live-shows

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Wipeout live in Arnoldstein


Cover art by Hubert Sommerauer, Wolfgang Dorninger, Hubert Sommerauer,
Lethal Records, Alex Kellas, Donaufestival,
Klanggalerie, Alex Kellas, Gerhard Potzuznik (from up left ,,,)