Step into the dark side of club music with shaky basslines, hybrid vocals and heavy beats for those who never grow old.

Sunday May 31st live at KAPU LOCKDOWN SESSIONS at DorfTV

Live at DorfTV - Start/Beginn: 8:30 pm (CET) / 20h30. Und damit die KAPU in Linz im Lockdown zu Geld kommt, könnt ihr Tickets dafür kaufen! Support KAPU!!!!! Danke!


25.09.2020 (AT) - WIPEOUT live im Schlosskeller im Schloss Rothschild in Waidhofen in Waidhofen / Ybbs feat. SCARABEUSDREAM und NEPS - Link


Alex Jöchtl, our soundman is running a soundsystem on his bus called KLANGRETTUNG. We come, open the door, the soundsystem and lights come out and then we play in your garden, on your favorite beach, ... wherever you like. Just send an email and get in contact.

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